When it comes to playing power chords and things of that sort i dont realy have a problem. But i want to play some lead guitar, soloing, more fun stuff. When i watch other people play it seems like they move there fingers so easilly. So here are some of the problems im having.... When i play the notes all of my fingers want to move together rather than idividualy, my notes sound sloppy, im really slow. i practice alot and realy enjoy it but it doesnt seem to be getting as much better as it should. Help!
don't be so hard on urself, practice, practice, practice, and yeah lessons couldn't hurt either
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pick a song with a good, melodic solo, not too hard but not too easy, and practice it like mad. It helps if you listen to the song as you play it.
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Work slowly. Figure out which finger positions are the most comfortable. You'll get used to it. If you rush into it, your playing will be sloppy
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