im having some trouble.. deciding which kind of guitar to focus on...

i want to hear some things from you guys...

what are the pros and cons of each?
the enjoyment you will feel for each base on your experience...
the possible path you will end up for each...



If you're not a metal kind of person pick this. Most people will tell you to start with this because:
1) It's harder to play (press harder on the strings)
2) You only have to buy the guitar

For an electric, you have to buy a guitar and an amp. You also have to worry about the pickups of the guitar, and other stuff you don't want to know.
Acoustic: Builds hand strength better, doesn't require accessories.

Electric: Easier to play, more versatile in that it's tone can be shaped to nearly anything you want.

If I only had one guitar I would choose the electric, but any person that is serious about the guitar owns both. I can't imagine not owning an acoustic. So buy the type of guitar that supports the style of music you play as a starting point. Then plan on buying the other type not long after.