hey guys. i cant decide on a chorus pedal. looking for sumthin not too expensive but provides a good sound. i was thinking either the boss CE-20 or CH-1. thanks
I've just bought a Danelectro FAB Chorus off Ebay. Only cost £14 (including the p&p). I'll let you know what its like when it arrives mate.
Got my dano chorus yesterday, and am quite impressed!!
First of all, It only cost like £14 of Ebay, so i honestly was expecting summit cheap as hell. But once i stuck the battery in and stuck it with me other padals, it does everything i need from a chorus extremely well!!
I'd definately recommend buying it ( i mean come on- whats £14? You'll easily make that back off selling it!)
What other pedals you got/planning on using it with mate?
I definately give +1 to the small clone. Although in all honesty I have tried the others, but I love mine
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Either Boss CH-1, but the best that I know of (though there are many boutique choruses I have not listed) are the Rocktron Tsunami and the Visual Sound H20
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