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8 44%
10 56%
Voters: 18.
I have been surprised when talking to many of my friends that they don't record shows on tv. I don't understand how they can watch all the ad breaks!! when they could fast forward through them like me, if they recorded the show. So who here records TV shows? And if you don't record shows, why?
because ads are awesome.
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I record all episodes of scrubs that are on. Comedy central plays four episodes on the weekdays and every thursday theses an episode on NBC. Thats the only show i really watch but i rarely watch it when it's actually on. I don't think i could stand advertisement. It would annoy the hell outta me.
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Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
I don't really watch TV, so recording shows is redundant.
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I use Sky+ cause I'm fancy.

Nah, some ads can be quite funny.

+ 1 although I generally fast forward x32 through the ads. Also, I torrent a lot of TV programs cause it's easier that way for me.
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My parents record their shows when their out or have two shows on at one time