Well, I'll be heading back out this weekend in search of an amp, and have been seeing alot of good things written about the Peavey Classic 30. I'd be willing to spend the money for one, as it seems to be very well built with great tone...and a good investment. I'd most likely pick up a Metal Muff to go with it, for what I hope would give me the flexibility to play anything from Clean stuff, to Doom/Death stuff and whatever else in between.

The 60 watt B-52 was overkill for basement practicing (even though I felt there was something wrong with the amp) and I'm wondering if 30 watts tube would be too...so maybe the Palomino 15 watt?

I'd also consider a Valve Junior head & cabinet with the Metal Muff, an Equalizer and a Reverb pedal (that's gotta be about another 300 bucks right there) but no digital Multi Effects to kill the tube tone.

The only dealer near me that carries Laneys had a VC model that was $699, a bit out of my range, and I can't find anyone that sells Randalls. I'd prefer not to buy used.

Anyone have experience with the Classic 30 that can comment?
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I have the Classic 30 and I love it. I can't compare it to any of your other options, but I can tell you it's solid, and I can get decent sounds at reasonable volumes for practice.
The classic wont get you doom/death metal, even with an OD it will struggle with most metal laden with gainIMHO.

With the metal muff it will probably get up to metal tones, but i think it will still struggle for death/doom.

It will do everything up to it though, and do it very nicely, its cleans are great and its low natural breakup is real bluesey, and when cranked with the pre-gain also up it can probably get up to modern rock (as long as the song isnt real gain-ey) with an OD it will get up to modern rock easy.

Its just the metal that im not sure it will cope with, but then again, i'v never tried to get that sort of tone, so I wouldnt know all too well.
If you really want a good investment, you should reconsider buying used. If you buy one new for $600, it'll be worth $400 by the time you get it home. If you buy one for $400, it'll still be worth that years later. Just a thought.

I got myself a used one.

It's without a doubt a solid, all around amp. I agree with Hakanku that doom/death will be a little out of it's reach, but with a pedal you'll get close. You're not going to get those types of sounds without a bigger, closed back cab, so every combo will have the same issue.

If you think you'll need cleans over a drummer, 30W is a good size. Anything smaller will struggle to stay clean in a band environment.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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My Classic 30 is great. I use it for band practice and home jamming and it does everything I could want. I play a lot of metal using a Boss MT-2 (I want a Metal Muff though) and I've never had a problem milking sounds from Metallica to Opeth. As everyone else has said it has great clean tones, plus the built in amp distortion is fantastic for bluesy/classic distorted tone.

I also agree with the sentiment of buying the amp used. I got mine for $420 or so on Ebay, and it came with new tubes plus an upgrades speaker. Buying equipment used is definitely something to consider.
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Thanks for the responses, I'll check out the Classic, along with the Valveking to see if it's more suited for metal...but 50 watts may be too much, and I'm a little concerned about the quality and reliability of the VK as well as the Palomino.