I'm mkaing a guitar (Scaled Down (3:5) Gibson explorer) with a mirrored pickguard for a technology project in school.
I'm in school now, and My teacher needs to know what's the easiest way to make a detchable neck from scrath. I have a squier strat at home, but it's my only guitar.

Is this easy?

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You have a Cavity in the body, Which the bass of the neck sits into,
Then you screw in the neck from the back of the body, Just make sure the screws arnt so long that they intrude into the fretboard
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yeah, it's pretty easy, route a hole in the front just right for the neck, and screw it on, that's it!
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Take you strat apart and just take a look. It'll go back together no problem! Necks are a bitch to make compared to a body, If your just starting, I'd buy a nice neck and make the body to fit it. Then depending on how you get on with the body, make a neck for it.
Methinks he's asking about how to make a neck, not how to join the neck to the body.

Are you going to be playing the guitar? Making a *good* neck is not easy.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
oh, ok. In short, theres no easy way. Infact, like FacingUsAll said, its pretty challenging. If you have little woodwork skill and dont have the right understanding and equipment, your gonna fail.
Theres a book by Melvyn Hiscox "how to make an electric guitar" I found it essential, its a really straight forward, step by step guide to every aspect. Its only about £14 and it'll save you loads of time, money and frustration !
use a surform and a spokeshave. you should practice some, maybe twice, before u go into the actual neck wood. its not easy, and u should look thru projectguitar.com and some of the build threads from here for some tips.
Check out sites like project guitar and the MIMF to find info on building the neck.
If I were making a detachable neck would use threaded inserts and allan screws in the place of the regular screws. To minimize the wear of the holes as screws are tightened and loosened.