Hey i'm an aussie so i know how cheap things are in america compared to down under so thats why when my friend is going to go to america for a few weeks i'm going to get him to get me a effect pedal since it would be way cheaper than here.

I have a **** amp but i'm not fussed about that since i only want a pedal that i can muck around with ( i'm not full on serous as yet) plus i can't ask my friend to lug back an entire amp with him either so for all you guys suggesting i get a better amp first well i can't atm.

I like the smashing pumpkins, MBV, nirvana sort of distortion and was looking at getting the standard Boss DS1 pedal but then i stumbled on the Big Muff pedal.

Oh i can only get pedals from Guitar center as my friend will probably be only able to go to that chain store during his visit.

my budget is around $100au ($80 or so dollars US) and the boss DS1 is only $40 american but the big Muff is $80 on the nose so i was wondering should i buy the big muff or the boss? or is there any other pedal that would be better?
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The big muff won't really do those sorts of sounds you mentioned, it's much more of a warm fuzz tone. The DS1 will get you a fair bit closer.
boss ds-1 aint bad for price. but if your going to a guitar center i would try out as many as possible. were pretty tolerant over here with trying things out in store. don't know if you are only interested in distortion pedals but guitar centers generally carry just about what musicians friend has so click the link:


and see what they got. you might want to take a look at a tubescreamer for about $100 USD, probably 110 after taxes or any of mxr line and EH should be represented fairly well with all the nano pedals they have now
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