So im currently looking for a new guitar that would fit me well.
Anyway ive tried a couple of Ibanez and jackson guitars and the one that in my opinion felt best was The Jackson DXMG Dinky. Im gonna visit a guitar center this week and i was wondering if you could suggest any of the guitars on this list (couldn't get a direct link to it so you have to click "Gittar El" at the left corner) http://www.jamshop.se/

My current guitar is a Fender Squier Affinity. And a Roland Cube 30 amp. I play mostly old Metallica And Megadeth stuff

The Budget cannot be more than 750$ (1$ Equals about 7 or 8 "Kronor" which we use here in sweden)

Keep in mind that i don't know anything about what's good and what's not:P

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