is it essential to have one or can you get by without one? see all i want to do is record drums vocals and guitar i don't want synthy effects etc.
they are nice to have..somethign more than a mouse to control the knobs and buttons on the screen in editing



its not required...all you need is software, hardware (sound card or interface, and mics), and knowledge of how to edit and mic your instruments.
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ok because i'm thinking of buying an alesis multimix firewire 12 so does that mean i can use the eq's and such on there instead of on the pc? or does it not work like that? i'm trying to stick to just plain old fashioned recording so i'm going to aviod midi.
What I'm about to say has been touched on in this month's issue of sound in sound, I'd advise you to go to town and "buy" a copy from any good newsagent.

Yeah, if you have an EQ on your preamp you can set this for the tracks that are going in, as opposed to (or in addition to) adding EQ later in the software having recorded the tracks.

However, unless you're sure what you want, once you've committed this EQ, it's glued on to the track and can't be taken of.

That said, it's another string to your belt as to what you can do. Sometimes, you need to cut a signal before mixing just so that you can fix it in the mix.

Hope that helps, but sound in sound is worth a read, even though to many, a lot of the information will be gobbledegook at first.