so i've been looking for a new guitar because right now all i have is a cheap b.c. rich beast.
i need an upgrade badly and at some point i'm going to end up buying a dean reazorback v 255. But to hold me off until then i'm looking at:

Schecter Hellraise C-1 FR

Esp LTD mh-400

or any other guitar with emg 81/85
floyd rose
24 frets(optional)

which one should i get?
any alternatives other than the two i'm looking at?

i'm trying to stay below $1000 since im getting a razorback.
the ltd. theyre better n shechter
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Schecter, and personaly i think schecter is better than the razorback. i played the both of them and to me the schecter sounds a helluva lot better than the dean
I'd get the Schecter. I tried that guitar a little while back and it seemed to have reasonable build quality.

As far as LTD goes, I'd say its just better to save for an ESP, its worth it.