Just wanted to get some general feedback on people's opinion of drinking before playing a show. Some like to get wasted, some just go up and rock. I think its kind of a tradeoff. On the one hand when you have a few before going on stage you may be more outgoing or get more nuts on stage which is cool for the audience. On the other hand, playing may suffer, might forget lyrics etc. Is a good idea to get drunk before you go onstage?
Not drunk, but a few drinks is cool. My bassist likes to do that, and he's a machine so he never makes any mistakes.
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A couple is okay before hand, just to loosen up and relax

Anyone who gets pissed before going on stage is asking for trouble!
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i find that a couple of beers makes me sing better (or maybe i just think im singing better) and it decreases inhibitions, which helps out with nerves.

but its easy to push it past the point when your playing gets sloppy, and you just dont care.

smoking loads of weed is a no-no. just makes you sluggish.
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I go on clean. But I'm also 15. (It rhymes!) But I mean, I'd imagine that you drink before a show to loosen up, or take away the pressure, but I feel perfectly normal, without any pressure when I go on stage, It's just natural.
i dont drink before.. i generly sit back stage doing warm ups for the performence
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No. I understand that it helps people deal with stage fright and nerves, but it's very easy to go overboard with it, and you should be able to deal with the stage fright without it. And your playing will probably suffer.
IMO, getting completely wasted before a show is just dumb. People who say large amounts of alcohol don't affect their playing are just lying. Its like driving a car, all your senses are dumbed down. So its not like racecar drivers are going to be drinking before a race.
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...Is a good idea to get drunk before you go onstage?
Of course not. DRUNK = STUPID.

I have nothing against someone having a drink or two. Personally I avoid it on-stage. It messes with the adrenaline. I thrive on that nervous energy.

Besides, everybody always buys the band a round. It's a pain in the ass to try to keep sober, if you drink at all. Easier to just say no.
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nobody wants to see a drunken idiot wobble around the stage

a drink or two is fine, but i don't do it.
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getting buzzed before a show DOES help. it enables you to get the feeling of the room a little better i think. the fans are all getting drunk anyway, or trying to despite drink prices. getting DRUNk is completely retarded before a show. everyone knows that point when you can't play guitar anymore. i say 3-4 beers (depending on body composition of course) before, have one on your amp during the show (along with some water) to keep up your rep, then get wasted afterwards, but steer shy of whiskeyprick, the groupies hate that, no matter how much they love your blazing riffs, vocal prowess and tight spandex pants.
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i feel that having a couple of drinks with the rest of the band and maybe others is great for relaxing before playing, and if you feel buzzed then i find you become more lively onstage. i dont think getting drunk is very good though.

on saying that, i remember in december i was playing a gig and i had (and im not lying btw) 2 shots of absinthe, a shot of aftershock and 3 pints, and i was quite drunk, but i still played a great show and hardly made any mistakes.

i remember my singer and guitarist were quite drunk one night actually and the singer almost fell into me.
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It really matters what music you're playing.

That's a good point. I went to a gig where the guitarist was vomiting in the toilet he'd been drinking so much. When he got on stage though it was like
He could barely stand but he didn't make any noticeable mistakes. Turns out he'd been playing the same **** for about 15 years though maybe that has somethingto do with it.
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My drummer always takes a few shots so he can relax, cause he always gets nervous and speeds up while playing.
Anyone know about the 7 drink rule, apparently if you have 7 drinks before you play live you win.

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Yes! Go for it!!!
Playing in front of crowds is supposed to be fun anyways.
A few is alright, you can have a couple of pints or a bit of whiskey or something before hand, and physically it won't have much of an impact on your body. Though I wouldn't recomend getting plastered before playing, thats just daft.
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