I'm pondering as to whether or not buy this.
Here's my score-list right now:
- Relatively cheap, though pricing doesn't really affect me,
- It's in Australia, so no U.S postage,
- Looks relatively cool; suits my style of playing,
- Warlock body with tuners all on one side,
- 24 frets,
- Comes with a case,
- 'TWIN HOT HUMBUCKING STYLE PICKUPS' (copied from the site)

- I hate skulls. They're just emo-esque and tacky, in my opinion.
- Playing quality...?
(it is a stirling, they're not usually ****)
- Umm...
What are your first impressions?
The skulls will bug the **** out of you I just know it.
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yeah it better be cheap. looks like it might play ok though. my first guitar was a BCRich warlock with 6 ona side tuners. played nicely. then i sort of grew out of shred (not completely of course) and got a more conventional guitar. but the skulls will bug the crap out of you and everyone will laugh at you unless you are in a death/black metal band
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Personally, I find the guitar as a whole is ugly. I dislike BC rich shapes. But, if it's your thing and it isn't more than 500$ by all means go for it.
If I buy it now, it'll be pretty much spot on 500, but if I delay a week I can get it for about 400.
That trem looks cheap, and the skulls looks like a cheesy ripoff of the Jackson Pile-O-Skulls graphic. The whole thing just looks kinda cheap. Have you seen it in person?
no offence, but that is one ugly warlock. What happened to the cutaways? Its like a singly cut with a spike growing out of its shoulder...
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dude, you can get a BC Rich for cheaper than 400.
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