This is so funny its about a month old so some of you may have seen it already. But I just watched it for the first time and have to share it. It's hilarious enjoy

That was rather brilliant

to that guy!
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That was amazing, it was actually better than rockstar.
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The thread-starter is a legend.
Seriously, who thinks "Shit, i'm gonna die, BRB, Ima' tell UG."?

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Congratz man, you are a true, American Hero.
Go Schneiderman!

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I....hate Nickelback. But that was pretty good. Haha!
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Wow, it's even better then when I posted the same vid last week.

it sure is. when you posted it, it was soooo lame.

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Wow, it's even better then when I posted the same vid last week.

Haha, sorry I did search first but I guess I did'nt search very well.....
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yeah, that was about 1500 times better than rock star

Yeah it was.

OmGZZ!!11ONe Laeve Britney ALon3!!
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"so you mean if the father is sterile, the kid will be sterile too?"

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the prove is u because u did n create urself and ur parents dindt and their parents didnt and so on and we are not monkeys peace

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OmGZZ!!11ONe Laeve Britney ALon3!!

but that was some class lyricism right there.
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...that I am cursed far more than I am praised."
That was the most genious/funny/true thing EVER.
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Wait.. WTF?!

That's great. Check out his "Hey There, Delilah" spoof, too.
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nice... so true...
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