I'm looking for a good overdrive pedal that will tighten up my tone, give me a fair gain boost, with a mild colouring to the tone, but nothing too intense.

The trick here : No tubescreamers. They sound great, but they are absolutely not what I want. No Ibanez, no Maxon, no OCD.
I love my Keeley modded SD-1... you can try one out if they have them somewhere.
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The Boss Blues Driver is a good pedal

Robert Keeley also makes a modded one if you're interested
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Erm, a Boss OD-1 sounds like something you'd like. They're vintage though, so they're hard to find (although Ebay usually has a load). I have one, and I can tell you that it colours the tone slightly and has a load of gain. Really nice sounding!
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Xotic RC booster or BB Preamp? How much gain are you looking for?
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Quote by Erock503
Xotic RC booster or BB Preamp? How much gain are you looking for?

Just a little bit, my amp covers most of the level of gain I need, but begins to, incidentally, lose tightness when it gets in the area. Then again, soon I'll be getting a small clean tube amp and I'll want something to drive it a little, so a reasonable amount of gain, then.