dont you just hate it when teachers are women who act like they have a penis?

****in smoke a bong and chill out!

i mean she/he's!
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hmmmm, i struggle to relate to this,
i dont really know what its like to act like you have a **** whilst being a teacher, so i wouldn't know

but it doesn't seem too fun
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If there were death penalties for pedophiles, half of UG will die


speaking of women with dicks....there's a hillary 2008 ad at the top of the page right now...
well if you are talking about female teachers having authority, then i don't see the problem. The deserve the same respect as male teachers do.

If you are talking about female teachers whipping their trousers down and simulating male masturbation, then i have no idea. That has not yet happened to me.
I agree with having women teachers, and I am in no way sexist, but at our school, any woman teacher in a vaguely important role think that they are the most important person ever, and that the sun shines out of their every orifice