hello UGers,
i hope you've all hada good day.

Now i know christmas seems pretty far off.
but i need to choose a guitar that im gonna ask for of my parents,

they'll spend probs £300 on me, and then il chip in a few hundred if i want..

now, i wouldn't want to spend over £700.
So i need youto help me chose a guitar, coz im a bit lame at this stuff, i dont really know anything about guitars,

heres the facts:

Ive been playing for 6 years

got a cruiser by crafter ST100 and an epiphone les paul special 2

here are the condictions....

I want something mad and original

something i can be remembered by

im in a heavyrock/metalcore/metal band called letterdead, so it has to fit in with that sort of band.

im a lead guitarist btw.

I like playing heavy stuff: atreyu, trivium, metallica, iron maiden etc. then some softer stuff when im just playing to music like alkaline trio and kill hannah.

It needs to have a cool paint job.

PLEASE post your links/pictures.

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