Overall I thought the melody line was very nice. A little predictable but it's nice and peaceful. The backing track/rhythm is great also, and you have a nice tone. Great bluesy run there in the middle, and that other fill closer to the end is good too. I'm a little more critical of solo guitar pieces considering it's my main instrument. Try thinking and playing a bit more outside of the box to work on note selection. Also, you obviously fat-fingered a few notes (although you may have just been nervous); keep practicing and you'll get the precision. For the most part, your playing is clean and the song is well written. You have great potential.

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listening now...i like the synthy intro. The fisrt note solo was very predictable, but you follwed it up nicely. I like the note selection alot. Reminds me of somethin i would make up actually. You have to work on your bends a little and vibrato. Theres no time gauge but about half way through you hit a note very out of key. Very emotional its ****in awesome man.

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