Ive been looking around for some effects. i need a distortion pedal and a good simple wah. it would be great if you guys can give me some suggestions. i dont know much about effects.
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btw, hurrah for pinoys!

yeah, get a vox 847 or an 847a.

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You like the blues? (judging by your signature)

Well, what kind of amp do ya have?

btw, hurrah for pinoys!

haha' .I like the blues, ive got a line 6 spider II... im fine with it. most people arn't.

what do u think about the GCB-95 by dunlop(cry baby)
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^ Those Crybabies are totally sucky. I got me a V847a today. People say it has a bit lesser sweep than the V847, but it sounds awesome. The treble loss isn't very prominent either, and the DC JAck is very usable. Surprisingly, it's very mod-able inside. Everything inside can be changed pretty easy by the looks of things. The buffer works well and it cuts through gain nicely.
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I would get a Vox 847 or a Crybaby Classic (It has a fasel inductor and a sweeter sound). For od/dist I'd get a Tubescreamer (If you're strapped for cash the Ibanez TS7 is a great alternative) or BOSS SD-1 (Though you'll probably want to upgrade that later down the road)
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