Right so i have the joy of organising a benefit concert at my school. I need to know some good thoughts on how to configure the sound.

The school have 2 monitors (we are going to hire another one in for the drummer) and 2 300watt rms speakers with the main mixing desk in which everything is going to be running through.

I've been talking to this guy who reckons we can get away with putting two dynamic and the front of the stage to capture the sound all all the guitar and bass amps...however I argue that it would sound (for lack of a better word) weak, as I would mic up each amp individually and run that through the soundboard along with the mics for the drumkit and vocals.

We have a max of 8 mics...how can we pull off getting a decent sound...or can we not?

Thanks guys

Jonathan Toye
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what does the band consist of? (guitar, bass drums etc)
how big is the drum kit?
are all ur mics dynamic?
why do you need to mic the guitars and basses for?
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Where is the show taking place? Gym? Theatre? Football field? Do you have an approximate number of people you expect to attend? If it's going to be ~250 or less people or in a small-ish room you probably won't need to mic the drums. Try and keep the number of vocal mics to a minimum. One for the lead vocalist and then any backup vocalists can share a mic. If there are no backup vocalists then use that other mic for amps. Also, if you feel you need mics on the drums, you might be able to get away with a kick drum mic and one overhead mic.
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how big is this place? you say you have 8 mics? do you have more than 8 channels in the mixer? if so you can take a DI from the bass to the mixer, and still have 8 mics. for the the standard 2 guitars, bass, kit, and vocals I'd do this...

kit - bass drum, snare, either 1 or 2 overheads, depending on the sound you can esily get away with one overhead or no snare mic, so 4 max, tho aim for 3.

guitars - 1 mic for each amp, so 2.

bass - if possible, DI it to the mixer, either from the amps preamp or put a DI box between the bass and the amp, and send the main output to the amp and the line level signal to the mixer. therefore not taking up a mic. if you can't do this, just 1 mic will be fine.

vocals - 2 - one for main, one for back, bands that have more than one backing volaist will have to makedo or share the other mic.

so yea, if you can't DI the bass thats a mic gone, so either get rid of an overhead or the snare mic, generally the snare will come through the overheads enough as it is. hence why with a well placed overhead you can get a great drum sound from just the bass durm and a singular overhead.

but yea, depending on the size of the place you can always not bother mic'ing the guitar amps - if they're decent gigging amps they probably won't need it - just make sure you get a good balance, the same goes for the kit - generally you don't *have* to mic the kit. that leaves all the mics for vocals and the bass.
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