I was just looking for a few cool easy acoustic songs to learn to sing and play for a little college gig i have in a couple of months and just for the hell of it cuz i like to play and sing acoustic songs.

And neither do i see anything wrong in playing some songs that girls would like too. As most of the audience there was gonna be composed of girls.
And don't most of us at some point play something to impress something elz??

In the whole thread there was just a few descent replies.

This thread is pretty pointless too... Its probably gonna be closed soon too.

But instead of getting a descent reply, or if it was the wrong forum, you could direct it to another forum.

And if there are loads more threads like this in the pit, well, there are loads more threads bout almost everything in the pit!!

I'm not whining here.

I'm just trying to figure out why a genuine thread was closed and why some people even by being absolutely unhelpful pricks get away with it???!
stop whining and grow a pair of bollocks *reported*

EDIT: Damn you ^
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If you knew it was wrong why post it? Surely on a guitar site you should have known there would be threads like this all the time and probably a thread outside of the pit that would cater to it already, like you said the pit has everything and this being a guitar site and all, would mean a thread exists in the Acoustic Forum maybe...
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.