What control do you think you will get for the pc and mac

Will it be like usb control

or just an adapter for a regular like ps2 or something?
I would say a USB, but try wikipedia.org, might shed some light on it
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Nothing on wikipedia as far as i could see

Im sure if you buy it as a bundle it will include a special guitar tho
UG im pretty sure had an article about this that says it would be a USB controller.
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Wikipedia says it's going to be a USB. I think it was wikipedia anyway, I read it like yesterday.
I think you could buy an adapter but to use it straight away it would use the F1, F2, F3, F4 buttons so that you hold the keyboard upside down
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I would say a USB, but try wikipedia.org, might shred some light on it

Yea thats better.
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PS2 uses usb anyway fools. it's just a different connector!
Same with xbox, how do you think the vibrator things work?
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It'll be USB, you can already get a 360 controller for your PC Its bassically a wired one with a different connection at the point where the cable disconects at the end.
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GH 3 is gonna be for PC??? Now, that's confusing to me.

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