This is my third piece, let me know what you think.

It's played in a slow rock style (77bpm!) but don't let that put you off.

Drum Intro


(Melodic moaning)

Verse I
I'm sick of all these people talkin'
(Don't you f*ckin' try talkin' to me)
They don't know what I'm goin' through
('Cause this ain't what you wanna be)

Bridge I
Don't bother callin'
Don't even try
She got no ears
To hear your cries


Verse II
I'm sick of all these people lyin'
(Don't think you can show me the light)
They don't know just what I can do
(All you do is to turn my f*ckin' knife)

Bridge II
Don't bother cryin'
Don't even dare
She got no ears
To hear your prayers

Guitar Solo


Verse III

I know the people that went through it
(Ev'ry night I'm left wonderin' why)
They don't believe a word you say
(They think they can just leave me to die)

Bridge III
Don't bother callin'
Don't even try
She got no ears
To hear your cries

Don't bother reachin' out
You know she doesn't care
She got no goddamn ears
To hear your hopeless prayers

Chorus x2

Rate or Hate. Hopefully not the latter.
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Title definately fits, but I found this to be pretty cool actually. With the whole drum intro and melodic moaning, along with what you said was a slow tempo...it just kind of made me think of Gently by Slipknot. Sort of similar lyrics. But yeah, pretty cool guy.
This looks pretty good. Can kind of hear it in my head (though I may be way off :P) and sounds like it'd be a good song. No real criticism as such though - nice title, good structure. Looks complete to me .
Well, it looks like I'm going to be the one to actually crit you on what's bad about it. Verse II and III don't flow very well, the rhyming is pretty forced. Try to make it sound smoother. Other than that, excellent song.
Your head slowly caves in from the compression
Seems to be a good rebel-type song. Somehow I can't imagine it played in such a slow tempo... but that's just me. Verses II and III could be smoother too, but otherwise - I have no other objections, it supposed to be a straightforward song, and it does the job.