this is another **** game lol.

post a rating above of what you think of the song above you, then say what song you have just listened to/are currently listening to.

il start obviously... lol

DISTURBED - prayer
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5 - never heard of them. sorry

Oops I did it again - Children of Bodom.....yeah, sorry. couldn't help myslef...
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wtf never heard of them sorry

im listening to: exs and ohs by atreyu
Empty Space
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Sorry, your not a winner by: Enter Shikari

Never heard it

Apollo 1: The Writing Writer by coheed and cambria
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what a ripoff

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dont know the song

corduroy - pearl jam
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5/10 cos i have no opinion

Pagan Altar- Cry of the Banshee (e-money to anyone who can tell me what their last two nalbums were called, and believe me i would know cos the guys are mates of mine)
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stevie ray vaugne, life without you.

thats a straight 10 man.

joe satriani - lords of karma

Plug In Baby - Muse
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UG Irish Clan - Póg mo thóin
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sikth - in this light

never heard it.

Johnny Thunders - Born To Lose
5/10 Sorry dude, never heard of it, although the title's pretty cool!

Dream Theater - A change of season's
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i might not have heard that specific one... but dream theater owns

living loving maid -zepplin

Pools - Steps Ahead.
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