Well I got these in a deal from the other guy, and this will probably look like a repost of the thread....

Here are the specs:
G12F-60s (Rockdriver Junior) 60W
These are made for Hughes and Kettner, in cabinets and amps.

Here are some pictures!

These are in great condition, no damage, slightly used. I haven't used them, I don't have a purpose as of yet.

I have 4 of these beasts, and I am willing to sell in pairs.

-Tube Head (I can add Blues Junior amp)
-Effects Pedals
--H20 Pedal
--Noise Supressor
--EQ Pedal
--Just offer me pedals


I'll sell a pair for $110 +Shipping
or $210+ Shipping for all four

You can email me at ohspyro89@gmail.com and I prefer that over these PMs.

I take money order, Paypal, or cashiers check.

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