I'm trying to teach myself piano, And I found my sisters old piano book "everybody's perfect masterpieces". I finished learning all the songs but most of them were in C or G major. Which is the easiest. So should I go Back and play all the songs in every Key? Is it worth it cuz it would be like learning each song 12 times!
yeh i guess that would do the trick
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Yeah that would be good to get to know all the keys well. Especially different songs in each key.
It would help. When I'm learning something in all of the keys, though, I don't go through A, Bb, B, C etc. Try going C, G, D, A, E, B, F# etc.
I wouldnt, I mean, transposing is hard work man, especially for a beginner. Just get a more advanced book, because you will just spend a lot of time doing nothing.
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If you're dedicated you might manage it but I know it would bore the crap out of me and difficult to tell whether you'd get the amount of benefit for the work.
Try playing II, V, I's in different keys (descending in whole tones).

eg Dm7 G7 | Cmaj7 |Cm7 F7 | Bbmaj7| Bbm7 etc....
Learning to read/play more music is more useful than transposing what you already know. Playing 'Twinkle Twinkle' in 12 keys isn't as good as playing 'Minuet In G' in one key. The obvious answer is do both, learn new music and learn how to play pieces in numerous keys. Same old answer to any music question really; practice practice practice.
Don't bother, just get some new theory books. And learn your scales if you haven't already.
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