hey there! well i like to listen to Graham Colton a lot. Is anyone familiar with him? i think he's a good singer, songwriter and guitarist. He's releasing his new album at the end of the month and it took so long because he actually took the time to make sure that the album was how he wanted to be and sound like. Artists these days release one album after the other without another thought about it. I just can't respect that. http://www.myspace.com/grahamcolton
Never heard of him, however I game him a listen and hes pretty good.

Oh, an I agree with what you said about some artists releasing album after album.
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Yeah he used to go to my school. IMO there isn't much that is unique about him.
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I think his sound is something i can just relax to, great talent i think and should be a star in the near future. I sampled of the stuff on his site before i bought the album and its been good so far, give him a shot i think you'll like it to. I got my copy here, see ya later