Hey everyone, thought i'd say hi before posting here, i've been lurking for a while around here, reading some interesting things, and i think it's about time i actually try and contribute, or ask quetions or what not, cuz i don't think i have much knowledge to contribute about music since i'm pretty new to it

alas i look forward to my time here cuz it seems like a pretty awsome forum

btw about me, i've been playing guitar for about 2 years now, not nearly as good as i'd like to be, but it's still a really fun pass time and probably one of the better investments i've made in my life

i'm a huge gamer as well, thought i'd throw that in there GO leafs go!
I could have sworn there was another user called imtiaz3...but I am probably mistaken, it probably just seems familiar to me for some unknown reason...anyway, enjoy the site.