I need new pick-up(s)
in my strat-style no-name brand guitar
[which I'll eventually set on fire]

I have one spot/hole in the pickguard but I made room for 2 pick ups in the body

what is a good[type] of pick up ?

or should I get 2 ?

I'm looking for something affordable but the pick-up should still have a lot of "attack"

I play metal/rock I have a little 15 watt peavey amp
but im planning on getting a bigger one.

This might take a bit more work but why dont you take the guitar apart burn the original body and pick ups and get a nice piece of wood and shape your own guitar body that way you can put in what ever pickups you want.
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Bill Lawrence 500XL may be your best bet. That or some of the Hex Overwound (I swear they are Ibanez) pickups that GFS was selling awhile ago if you can still get them
Well I have a good guitar this will just be my "smashing/gigging guitar"
I will make my own guitar when I have money.

[pardon my grammar mistakes]
If you dont even have a very good guitar, get a new guitar. I cant help you in the way of pickups because i only know decent humbuckers and i take it your guitar has 3 singles
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I have an Epiphone G-400 which is my best guitar now
this is just a little project
strangely enough it came with one pickup
The G-400 is a nice guitar, is that it in your pic of the two guitars
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