I'm new to UG so bare with me if i do things wrong.

Basically i've needed a new amp for a while and i've finally saved up enough money (around £200) and i really have no idea of what to get.

I primarlly play Metal (industrial usually) but i do mix it up sometimes with other genres.

So my Specs are:

Around £200
Has a primaerlly a Metal sound, but has the options of different styles
around 75+ watts
A combo Amp.

I was thinking Line 6 Spider III 75-112 combo, Would that be good enough?

Open to any suggestions.
Everyone here will tell you sat away from spiders, including myself. If you could save around £300 you'd have a lot more options as far as tube combos go. They would be lower wattages than what you want but 30 watts tube is louder than 75w solid state.
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As i said, i'm new

But i don't know much about Amps really.

So what are the differences between tube amps and others?
Generally, the only good solid state amps are the expensive ones, but even a mid-priced tube amp is as good as an expensive solid state. So tube is the way to go.

One of the best solid state/modeling practice amps is the Roland Cube, you could get the 60 watt version.

It would be better though to save up for something like a Laney VC15 or LC15.
My brother has the 30w bass cube which is good, but i tryed my friends 30w guitar one but i didn't particualy like it. Ill look up the Laney

I also forgot to say i would use it for gigging as well.
After looking around the threads already here i've decided that the most popular amps are


Could anyone name me any of the amps which come under my specs and the pros and cons of them?