Heres a little something i'm writing for my band.

UNFORTUNATELY i'm poor and can't afford guitar pro, so i have to deal with powertabs for the moment ;_;

anyway, i'd like to see what you all think of it, its definately not finished, but it's good so far, i think ;D

~i added alot more to the song including a solo (huzzah) tell me what you think ^-^
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its pretty good. i think u should only put 2 rest inbetween the powerchords in the last bar.

c4c? top in my sig preferably.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

i actually just fixed it lol, i kinda threw that in there without thinking about it
Definitely like. The beginning is good enough to draw you in, and when one of the distorted guitar goes off an a sort-of lead with the octave notes, its wonderful. The end solo is good too, although the very end could be tweaked a little. Nice job.

Thanks for crit.
Its good, but alot if it is so ripof. like the intro, actualy sounds like marshal matters by eminem. that goes on until the chorus. pretty catchy chorus btw.
Riff after that is pretty awsome. Then the chorus comes again. and the awsome riff with the powerchords, those are very good aswell. And a then a build up which is good. but it builds up to yet a ripof. dont know exactly from what, think its trivium, but im not sure.

I liiike. It is great all the way through, but one one little thing, is how the song ends so abruptly. I think there ought to be an out-chorus but make it so there's a slight difference between that and t'others. Great stuff

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