There's a rebel soldier in all our minds
There's a conscience behind all our eyes
When will it come into action?
When will we take some action
To snatch the wheat back from their hands
Give the power back to the working man

The white collared policemen
Never cup their ear to listen
To the sounds of discontent
Like hammers to the bricks and mortar
Words and actions to provoke disorder
To end the days of tyrannous regime
To take our dirty hands and wash them clean.

We're coming around, We're gaining ground
We're coming around, we're gaining ground

Dressed in torn clothes
Faces decorated in dirt
These towns are the places
We felt all of our own hurt
Our own! our towns!
For when the people come around
We will have our way and have our say
We'll have our way and organise (like warhawks!)
You respire to hate and bleed your lies
There'll be no more left to bleed
When your blood runs dry woah

Do you smell the victory of burning leather?
Do you see them waving white linen surrender?
Do you see the gasoline at the ready?
Lighting the fires to burn what they desire.
I like this song, I can definitely put it to music, the only flaw I can see is the line:

'Words and actions to provoke disorder'

Perhaps change it to:

'Actions to provoke disorder'

This would probably keep the syllable thing going with the previous line.