it's in the solo type thing(or bridge?) in throw away your television by the red hot chili peppers. and it's after that mellowish part in take the veil cerpin taxt where the time signatures like...not there? it's in free time i think, but i've seen it alternate between 4/4 and 11/8 or something...but that's besides the point. it's just some really cool effect and it seem's to take what your playing and just sorta ramble it up, and it's all crazy awesome. sorta like a super fast phaser, but it shift's the frequency or something instead of the phase? but that doesnt really make sense. but basically...if you could tell me what that effect is...it would make my life have purpose. and i know it's a guitar effect...or moog...or w/e...because john does it live yo.
my guess its a couple effects mixed
yerp im sure ill add something amazing here some day.
In Throw Away Your Television John uses the Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeler stomp box. I have not heard of the other song, so I am not sure if it is the same pedal.
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for the throw away your television solo he uses a line 6 effect patch and slapback delay (delay set for sixteenth-note regeneration with 1 repeat, and the line 6 effect patch is set for oberheim VCF sample and hold effect on the line 6 delay, not sure which model sorry)
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thanks a lot everyone! i'll have to see if i can get one or replicate the effect with something knowing what created it
Is there just one pedal that can do this? like something made by boss or something or do you have to go buy a whole pedal board thing?