Alright guys,

Don't ride me if this has been answered already. I've searched for fret buzz incidents but cant find anything to help with Tele fret buzz. The GF bought me a cheap Tele copy from ebay as I'm a big boss fan and she thought I'd like it, which I do...Its a manito, not the best quality but seems an ok guitar to have some fun with. The problem is that the frets buzz....

Now, what I know about guitar maintenance you could write on the back of a postage stamp on a letter thats being delivered to a miniature dolls house....Any ideas on how I can remedy this problem? It happens on the low E and the D strings. I'm not entirely sure how to adjust the action or anything on a Tele. Any help gratefully received as I'd rather not have to horse it in the bin....

Many thanks.



P.S. How much (roughly) should I expect to pay to have a guitar set up in a store?
i don't really know on the setup question... you should just call your local guitar center/sam ash/other music store and ask for a quote.
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The string saddles on the bridge can be raised with two small allen screws.

A shop will charge $30-60 for a setup depending on the place.
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