i searched this up but didnt find anything, i just saw a couple of adds for this musical, and it was playing all beatles songs (Hey Jude, I am the walrus, strawberry fields, etc.) so is this like the beatles version of tommy, or well whats it about exactly?
actually there were many threads on this...

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Love story set in the 60's or 70's with Beatles songs. looks pretty cool, but the local critics didnt like it too much. Definately a must-see for Beatles fans. Otherwise, it seems to be hit-or-miss.
It's got nothing to do with the Beatles as a band.
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Yeah, it really has nothing to do with the Bealtes. Basically they took a bunch of Beatles songs and put together a weak story to go with it, along with some trippy visuals. I haven't actually seen it though.
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i have a college classmate who saw it, not a big fan of the beatles, but said it was great. i guess its enjoyable for everybody?
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My brother saw it, and he loved it. He says it's better than almost famous.

your brother is wrong.
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For the record, I made the thread about this.

And yes, it's a great movie. It doesn't feel like a typical musical. Like the guy basically said, the music fits in with the plot. I loved it.
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is anyone else thinkin' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?
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your brother is wrong.

I won't argue with that, I don't at all believe that it's better than almost famous.