So here's the story: A friend of mine recently became interested in learning the guitar, so he asked me to show him some basics and help him pick one out. Naturally, being that it involved going to the guitar store and trying out multiple guitars, I was all for it . The place is a small Ohio outfit (afaik) called "Music-go-Round", and as the name suggests they deal in mostly pre-owned gear. After a while, he got himself settled in with an O.K. Squire, so as he got aquainted I wandered over to the acoustic part of the store. There she was. I didn't think to check out model numbers, but it was an absolutely beautiful Seagull in pristine condition. The first strum was like magic, I coulden't believe how incredable she sounded. I must've played for a good half an hour before my buddy finally broke me out of the spell she had me under. Serendipity. So my question is, what are some experiences you guys have had with rare finds like that? I'm still kicking myself that I won't have the money to buy it for some time, and by the time I do she'll probably be gone
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not really a rare find, but I found a used godin freeway classic in great condition, with action and grain quality as good as american fenders and perfect intonation. Sounds great too. it was $250, and I swear, the pickups are good, the electronics are ok, and the build quality is superb.

I know its not an acoustic, but meh. I felt like participating, and I don't own an acoustic lol.

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