whenever i try to install a .RAR file it just says it doesnt know which program made it so it cant open, so i tried every program on there and none of them open it. what programs can open .RAR files?
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winrar ftw.
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Quick crash course in RAR

RAR is a compressed folder, when you run winRAR you are DECOMPRESSING and EXTRACTING the files. Nothing is installed. It's a very handy program and a lot of stuff on the net is in .rar format.
You're downloading compressed files cause it saves bandwith and hard disc space. Compressed files come in many different formats such as .zip, .rar, etc. In plainspeak windows likes to use the .zip format for compression, the .rar format is pretty similar but easier to use, you can download lots of simple to use programs ( I use winrar) from the internet and they will unpack these files into a format most of your programs can use. For the uninitiated it sounds difficult but it really isn't, download winrar and try it out just keep track of what folder you are decompressing them into and whatever type of file it is, it should be easy to use it on your machine.
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