I just got a new guitar today and I'm trying to change the strings. But every time I tighten the string, the bridge pin pops up. What's the solution? thanks
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Make sure the ball end of the string is on the bridge plate. I honestly don't know how to explain it, it's something someone showed me so ... err, yeah. Put the string in the hole, then push the bridge pin in. While holding the pin down pull the string up fairly tight. Then string it through the tuning gears.
I also have that problem sometimes... if it causes you alot of trouble, keep the pin pressed down and tighten the string with your other hand a bit and then your pin should stay.
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Yeah, to second things, make sure the ball on the end of the string is in the hole properly, and just push down firmly (just not hard enough to wreck anything). If that doesn't work, buy some new pins (cheap ). If that doesn't work, I think you can get the holes they fit in sanded or do it yourself.
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Herr Jones pegged it.

Pun intended...

The ball end of the string must be below the face of the guitar and the pin (or peg) should be tight. Herr Jones described the method I use pretty well. Make sure the string is well into the hole, past the winding of the ball end. Put the peg in tight and hold it while you pull the string back out until it stops, a bit of the winding will probably show, then string 'er up.

The peg is probably popping out for either or both of two reasons, it's not tight enough, and the ball end is not letting it seat properly. The peg holes can become wallowed out but that's pretty uncommon, the wood is plenty hard and can usually take years and years of use.

By 'hold the peg in tight' though, I don't mean get a friend to stand on it, just push it in nice and tight but at the same time remember you're not doing a front end job on a '63 Ford truck either...The face of the guitar can take more than you may think, but don't overdo it.
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Keep pushing it down until it stops.

Don't do that. I can get the bride pin stuck, split the bridge plate, or split the bridge

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I also have that problem sometimes... if it causes you alot of trouble, keep the pin pressed down and tighten the string with your other hand a bit and then your pin should stay.

That works but it's still not good for the guitar because it wedges the ball end of the string in between the pin and the bridge plate. This can damage your bridge pins and it causes your bridge plate to wear out much quicker than it should.

Herr Jones was right when he said that the ball end isnt hooking under the bridge plate. Here is a link to the correct way to string your guitar.

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The ball-end of the string is probably pushing up on the bottom of the pin which is causing it to pop up. Have you ever heard of mitchels platemate, it protects the bridgeplate from damage caused by ball-end strings and enhances sounds and tones of the acoustic guitar.
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