Any experiences? Do you know any artists who still use it? Or did use...? How about using with multi-effect pedal?
Well it's not horrible, but not much to brag about either.

What do you play? If you play anything up to hard rock get a Vox Valvetronix or if you play mostly metal get a Roland Cube.
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It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

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I have played only one year, so I still learn to play. I like metal music, like Metallica, Iron Maiden and other heavy staff... I like the original Marshall sound, but sometimes I use Zoom G1X in clean channel.

I've trained chords, scales and other basic stuff, but I can't play any whole song...

Any tips to learn?
you just managed to hijack you own thread.

there aren't any tips to learn, just practise.

are you looking for a new amp or what ?
No, I dont't looking for new amp. I just bought used Marshall and I'm satisfied of it. I like that that sound. My giutar is cheap stratocaster-copy, Stagg. Good guitar, but I'll buy bettter in future, maybe next spring. Some Les Paul-copy it is good for me.

Yeah I know the method what is only one to learn. Practise...