listening now, very good tone, i feel a touch more of reverb would def. give it the last bit thought. Your playing is good theres a few notes that you could have let ring out a little longer. You played it very good man....where did you get the backing tracks from. The improv was alright, didnt add much. I liked the riff though. during the as we wind on down the road part. Its heavier than the album which was cool. good tone....good job overall.

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ur notes are sometimes short, and you're using minimal bends... why??? bends add the feel to a guitar solo. (at least this one.) u got nice vibrato though. tone is okay, i kinda wanted a bit more open, and little sustainier. it's a pretty hard song to get good feedback on lol.

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pretty good, still needs work. intonate your guitar first of all. need to hold some notes longer though (as mentioned) and sometimes youre not bending all the way to the note, its allright to vibrato it, just get closer to the note at least.

overall, the notes are there but you need the touch, the tone, in my opinion, kindof sucked. im guessing you used something in the les paul school of guitars, Page is associated with this guitar, but on the stairway to heavan solo he actually used the telecaster that jeff beck gave him, he also used that guitar all the way through led zepplin 1. again, work on the touch of the solo, and the tone
Hi! Crit4crit..

I agree with everybody before me, this is a VERY good solo.. potentially.
The playing is accurate and you play every note right.. But you should indeed try to work on the intonation: bending more, holding some notes longer, vibrato.. These techniques turn every mediocre solo into a very good one
About your tone, i have no complaints, i dont see why the guy before me complains, someones tone doesnt suck because its not exactly the same as the original..

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