that's crazy
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if you look at the screw holes next to the sets of pickups you can see 5, so there are 5 pickups, its just that that many are pointless, they will just sound the same as the one above it for the first and last two
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Thats only 3. Two humbuckers, 1 singlecoil.

he probably meant that you get five positions on the pup selector.... sortof stupid... no wait, very stupid
i think TS posted as a joke

i lol'd
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
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i think TS posted as a joke

i lol'd

seriously. nobody gets it except u and i?
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yeah thats pretty dumb.. 4 pickups is pushing it, i remember Steve Morse signature had 4 pickups H S S H but on his anniversary version of it they got rid of one of the single coils because he said he almost never used one because it sounded so similar to the other one.

Edit: i looked at it again... oh i see the guy who posted the pic is dumb... i couldn't even make out the picture because it was so dark.
i think 5 pickups would be awesome if it were set up right like the PRS 513 Rosewood, you should check it out in the guitar review section, its actually a pretty sweet guitar.
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haha the guy who is selling it really thinks they are 5..
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
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J.A.M. is right. You're just an idiot.

No, numbnuts, he's laughing at the fact that the guy selling it is saying that there's 5 pickups. Friggin' reasoning, you need to work on it.

That is kind of funny though. I honestly think the seller might have done it on purpose to sucker in a kid new to guitar and doesn't know the difference.
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That wasn't funny, i just thought that guy was a fag. Although he is also downplaying it saying you can only get 5 tones out of that guitar.
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Hahahahaha good find! :p Billions of tonal possibilities!

That's another funny thing. The guy thinks the number of pick ups = number of tones allowed ha
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Well atleast you can try ripping the guy off. I doubt hes too high up in the intelligence quotient.

I was actually expecting someone to show the PRS 513..
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seriously. nobody gets it except u and i?

I got it.

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