im a huge Death fan and a huge Darrell fan.
but im going to get both, i have two guitars that im putting the pickups in.
and i just wanna know which is going in which

i have a Epiphone LP-100 that i just got 2 days ago
and a Fullerton Strat

The Epiphone has a basswood body and mahogony neck
and i have no idea about the strat
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1 - what amp have you got
2 - both those gutars are a bit too crappy to take advantage of new pickups, and I use the word "advantage" in the loosest sense of the word with regards to the X2N
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Those guitars probably aren't the best to be putting new pickups in. It'd be alot of money to spend for little improvement. If you're serious about an upgrade though, possibly look into a slightly higher end guitar or sell those 2 and get one if you need to? That's just my personal advice anyway. Your strat is probably made out of alder, which tends to be a brighter, cripser sounding wood. Your amp is also very influential to your tone, so what kind of amp do you have?

I tried an X2N in my Gibson Explorer once, and I didn't like it at all. I found the tone to be rather harsh and bright, with not enough low end to it. It was also just about impossible to get a clean tone out of it (if that's important to you) because of how high output it was. Rolling back the volume could help a bit though. If I were you, I'd go for the XL-500 out of those two. I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard much more good about the XL-500 than the X2N. And the only way to really find out how a pickup will sound in your guitar is to buy it and install it. No "try before you buy" there!