I just sort of was inspired by listening to some spacemen 3 , so i just set out to write a shoegaze song, these are the lyrics I came up with, they arent great but take a look if youd like to. C4C. (p.s. the title has nothing to do with the song, its a part of a line from the spacemen 3 song "hey man"

Verse 1:
I can't find my mind
In these pages of books
and all thats inside
are literary hooks

I can't find my mind
in this space or time
I think its lost
lost to your starry eyes

(theres sort of an instrumental chorus unti i come up with a vocal part, or if i even come up with one at all, It actually sounds pretty cool)

Verse 2:
I can't hide
from your burning sun
could you please go down
go down for me.

I can't hide
from you burning lights
could you please go out
go out for me

(another chorus)

your turning me on
and i cant turn off
your turning me on
to a whole new world

your turning me on
and I can't turn back
I can't forget
forget the past

(after the chorus the song speeds up into a beautiful symphony of noise, fading out after a while.)
So what are the lyrics to the chorus? maybe you should wait until you have one. the song you have looks ok, rhymes kind of basic, and unless the chorus is long or it's sang slowly, it seems too short. Pretty good besides that, grab your attention.
Your head slowly caves in from the compression