A while back I heard "Peace Train," so I figured I'd pick up Cat Stevens' Greatest Hits when I saw it on the 3 for 25 rack. I listened to it briefly and found the songs "Wild World" and "Another Saturday Night" on there. Nothing else seemed quite as good as those three, but twelve songs can't possibly sum up his career. The only other album of his I saw at the store was An Other Cup, but I figured it might be a little too religious and didn't bother to pick it up.

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I've got a greatest hits album of his, it has something like 20 songs on it. It's quite good, I mean it's not really the style of music that i listen to, so some of it i dont like much, but some of it I love. And when it comes to greatest hits album's.. when do they ever sum up someones career? Maybe they only had 12 hits or whatever, but there are always the gems waiting to be found in all of the albums that no one really pays attention to, so you have to find them yourself, you know what i mean? I generally find that I will get introduced to a new artist or a new album from one of their more popular songs, but after that you listen to the other stuff they have recorded and you find that theres stuff you like better.

Oh, and i just checked the album I have here, its got 24 songs. And it's quite good, It came with a DVD as well. Its called the Very Best of Cat Stevens.
Screw a best of for Cat Stevens, you want 'Tea for the tillerman'
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I like him Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat are fun albums imo.
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