Hey all, I hope you guys can help me out since I know next to sqaut about fixing guitars, thanks in advance.

I was playing my electric guitar and everything was going fine and dandy until I guess I must have made a sudden jerk. After I did that there was this loud annoying buzz coming from the amp. When I slightly adjust the cable that goes into the guitar though, the annoying buzzing would go away. However, whenever I would take my hand off of the end of the cable that connects to the guitar, the buzzing would return. Does anyone know the problem/have a solution.
Sounds like you've got feedback...
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You should try another cable, and if the buzzing persists than the connections on your input jack probably need to be resoldered.
No it's not the feedback, but yes I did try other cables and amps, the problem lies with the guitar. But when you do adjust the guitar cable jack that connects to the guitar it doesn't have the buzzing anymore. Does that still me that it has to be resoldered.
Either a wire on the output jack of the guitar or the clip that holds the end of the guitar cable into the jack is bent.
*waits for Jenny to post the correct output jack wiring diagram*
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