So I got a chord progression going and I found the interval, but I'm not sure what the chords are called. Here are my chords...
G 7 4 2
D 9 5 1
A 7 3 2

Sorry if my tab is hard to read
Here are my questions....
The first one is a Em7 without the b3 right?
Sort of the same with the second, a CM7 without the 3?
Now what about the last one it replaces the 3rd with a 4th right? So is it a sus4add7?

I've gotten back into learning theory and was just wondering if this is right

Thank You
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yes it is a B7
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Well with that your playing a B-D#-A. Ignoring the sharp for now (for simplicity's sake) just count from B
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
You play the Root (1st), 3rd, and 7th. And since the 7 is the highest interval you know its going to be 7th. Now bring back that sharp to raise the 3rd and it becomes major. So theres a quick and dirty way of figuring it out without going overboard on theory
The three chords there are Em7 (without the third), Cmaj7 (without the third) and B7.

In terms of constructing seventh chords I'll try to explain the three most common (dominant, major and minor). For the following examples, we'll use the C Major Scale because it's easy to use.

C Major Scale

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

A dominant 7th, more commonly referred to as a "7th", is comprised of the root, third, fifth and minor (or flat) seventh. The fifth is sometimes omitted as it is not necessary. Therefore a C7 chord is comprised of C E (G) and Bb.

e|0 E
B|1 C
G|3 Bb
D|2 E
A|3 C

A major 7th chord is comprised of the root, third, fifth and seventh. Therefore a Cmaj7 chord is comprised of C E G B. The fifth is often omitted.

e|3 G
B|5 E
G|4 B
D|5 G
A|3 C

The minor 7th chord consists of the root, minor third, fifth and flat seventh. The fifth is often omitted. Therefore, a Cm7 chord is built upon C Eb (G) and Bb.

e|3 G
B|4 Eb
G|3 Bb
D|5 G
A|3 C