Hi everyone..I really can find a song that I heard around 6 years ago on a radio station..well..the style of the song as I remember is kinda alternative..anyway..the singer(male, young voice) sings it very beautifully..like he`s underwater...the tone is kinda different..it`s like you would try to sing underwater..but the sound would be different..when he sings it`s like his voice kinda pauses very frequently..like bubbles of air are coming out as he sings..and this is all I can remember..please..anyone with somekind of hint help me I would appreciate it alot!..tnx..

If it could help..which it probably would..I could try and play a bit of the singing part on the guitar and post a link..cause I really cannot forget this little bit that keeps reminding me of this great song..
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car underwater by armor for sleep?

i don't know if that's 6 years old though...
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i dont think its car underwater because i dont think the singer sounds like he is underwater
and that song is 4ish years old
but i dont know
I already listened to it..and no..unfortunately it`s not this track..:P..Today I`ll try and play the part on guitar like I said so check back later..all of you tnx for your help!!