I use an Ibanez RG321MH stock with a Cube 30x

and i use the bridge pickup when playing solo parts....
however, i find that the tone merely sounds like single notes instead of a smooth continuous tone like what we usually hear for solos......

Just wondering if i can achieve a respectable solo tone with my gear...

any suggestions?
The sort of tone you are talking about comes from your hands not your gear, so yeah, you can achieve the sound you want...
For my solo tone, I use the neck pickup, with medium distortion (the amount I would use for Sweet Child o Mine intro) and cut the tone nobs all the way down. Keep the bass a little bit higher, like at 7 or 8, and put treble and mids at 5 or 6. Add a good amount of reverb or quick fast pace echo.
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but the tone just sounds like accoustic with a bit of fuzzy distortion........

not sure if i managed to get my message across

can't get the tone even if i play a simple solo like smells like teen spirit........

(in response to TIAN)
^ In that case, sounds like the settings on your amp need tweaking, which the other posts in this thread should help you with...
Increase your mids and play loud.

Or flatten your EQ somewhat, turn down the gain, roll off the tone knob a bit, use the neck pickup, and take some phrasing lessons from any great violinist/sax player on youtube
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