well the title pretty much says it all, i wanna start a band in montreal, preferably around lachine i.e dorval, lasalle, in lachine would be perfect, ive been playing guitar for a year so people with that kind of experience is prefered, ages 14-18 preferably but almost any age will do, i can also do vocals and vocals is what i would prefer, considering i can sing clean or i can scream/growl, i have no recording stuff so if anyone has anything that can record that would be great, THIS BAND IS ABOUT HAVING FUN AND CHILLIN, AND MAKIN NEW FRIENDS, if your gonna be TOO serious about this or if your gonna be an ass please dont bother posting but ya so hopefully ill get a few responses lol, any questions dont be afraid to ask, oh and im gonna be 18 next month so thanks guys *cheers*
oh awesome happy birthday for next month dude. sounds awesome, come down to australia, so i do this thing :P jee that wasnt overly demanding or anything. hope u get some ppl
lmaoooo thanks alot man, your quite friendly, and ya i would love to go down to australia for a while, but im sure a plane ticket would be expensive, but ya thanks man i apreciate it