I have been searching for a long time and i cant seem to find a plan for a Washburn Dime 333. I really want to build one and i do not know how to do the Cad work myself or i would. I would really appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks so much.
You might be better off finding a plan for a razar back... minus the razar "the sharp points" They do have razar backs like that. That dime 333 I havn't seen planed out much. But they look exacly the same in my eyes. I'm going to pull up the pics side by side... but even the headstock matches.
i think thats a great idea, would you happen to know where those plans are hosted?
sorry for sounding like a complete dupe.
I am mainly worried about the scale or size of the thing. i could probably remove the razors easily enough as long as it would print out to the right size.
thank you so much for you help an dquick response. that last pic you showed is exactly what i want too.
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^ this guy made a Razorback.... where he got his scale drawings for template IDk lol... but it's good.

Also Dug this up

waist area: approx 7 1/32"
corner to corner:27 5/8"
two lower tips:about 16 1/2"

Quite odd... still digging though
Well. I've been hoping around. Seems that they are just elussive. If you have a Local GC look at Dean, and maybe take some measurments. If you get them you can take a photo. and then add the measurments to it. Then you can scale it out. and truely have yourself a scale drawing. Or maybe someone might know a place I don't ^_^. Ether way man good luck in your quest for the dime 333
well i found a place where i can buy it for 16 bucks, so i guess i will need to do that then. Thanks so much for your help.
Oh cool. I was wondering why i was having such a problem searching for it. I kept using Razor back, and kept getting the pointy one. Figures ^_^ thanks for the correction man.