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ok, so i just got in a bit of a debate with my bud about what's better: the JCM800 or hte 900?!! i like the 900 better (of course its why i have one) mostly because it has two channels, but really tone wise, i don't see a huge diff...so what do you guys think?

PS sorry if there's been a thread on this before
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The JCM900 isn't bad, but they are too modern for me (the mk. 3 I really like, but I prefer the 800). I like the single channel ones the most. The thing is that the 800 is more vintage voiced and sounds very similar to a Plexi. The JCM900 is great for metal and stuff, but IMHO it's too modern for my taste.
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There have been plenty of threads on this, haha. But that's okay!

I personally prefer the 800 myself, and I'm a pretty big metalhead when it comes to most of my musical taste (I like alot of other stuff though). The 800 just has the classic tone, and "balls" that the 900 doesn't IMO. I actually use a Peavey Windsor myself though (basically, a cheaper amp that sounds like an 800 with more gain), and I love the thing!
it's all preference.
there's no 'better' amp in this case.
but i do have to say i like the 800 better.
but **** what your mate says if you like the 900 better man !
this question gets thrown around a lot

id say the jcm 900 for me though.
i already have one, a half stack, and since i like playing really cunchy high gain hard rock it works out. but on the other hand i am fully aware that the jcm 800 has been praised as the greatest marshall ever produced (though i would say thats the plexi) and i do think that the 800 could be better mostly because it is more vintage and has more "tube" tone
I own both and I could easily see how a person would want both. You say you like the 900 because it has two channels but they made JCM800's with two channels as well. So why don't you get a two channel JCM800 with an OD pedal to give you that extra bite when you need it.

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For me, 800. That classic sound can't be beaten by the 900.
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